25 Authentic Thai Vegetarian Recipes

Taste the exotic and unique flavors of Thailand with these delicious vegetarian recipes. From classic dishes like Pad Thai to more adventurous recipes like Khao Soi, you’ll be able to make all your favorite Thai meals without meat. Check out grandma’s best recipes for more inspiration. If you’re interested in other vegetarian options, take a look at these indian tofu recipes vegetarian.

1. Green Papaya Salad

This traditional salad is made with green papaya, tomato, garlic, peanuts, chili, and lime juice. It’s a great way to start any meal or serve as a light snack.

2. Tom Yum Soup

This popular soup is spicy, sour, and creamy all at the same time. Made with lemongrass, galangal, mushrooms, and kaffir lime leaves, it’s a flavorful dish that will warm you up on a cold day.

3. Pad Thai

This classic dish is made with rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, and tamarind sauce. Top it off with some crushed peanuts and you have a delicious meal that’s sure to please.

4. Khao Soi

This Burmese-influenced dish is a rich curry noodle soup made with coconut milk and served over egg noodles. It’s perfect for when you’re craving something comforting yet flavorful.

5. Massaman Curry

This hearty curry is made with potatoes, peanuts, and coconut milk. Serve it over steamed rice for a complete meal that will satisfy all your cravings.

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